Shards that were relocated still appear on disk!

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Due to high disk usage I ran a curl command to relocate a couple of shards
to other nodes, the command looks like:

curl -XPOST 'localhost:7104/_cluster/reroute' -d '{"commands" : [ {"move"
:{"index" : "playback_content_runtime_data20150516", "shard" : 0,
"from_node": "us-west-2a.i-f782f801", "to_node" :

After the command ran successfully (and kopf plugin even showed that the
shards "disappeared" on the source node and "appeared" on the target node)
I noticed that the disk usage on the source node is still high. Checking
further showed that under /mnt/data/es/es_test/nodes/0/indices I can still
see indices that were relocated. Further, I can also see indices that Kopf
plugin doesn't display!

Any ideas?


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