Share a dashboard to an external website without logging in

I am trying to share a kibana dashboard through embed code but repeatedly it asks for access attached to it.


<html lang=es>


        <title>Tutorial de HTML para dummies</title>

        <meta charset="UTF-8">

        <meta name="description" content="En este post...">



        <h1>Como crear una página HTML: Tutorial para dummies</h1>

        <iframe src="'In%20work',filters:!(),fullScreenMode:!f,options:(hidePanelTitles:!f,useMargins:!t),query:(language:kuery,query:''),timeRestore:!f,title:'Dashboards%20of%20Elastic%20%5BMetrics%20of%20store%5D',viewMode:view)&_g=(filters:!(),query:(language:kuery,query:''),refreshInterval:(pause:!t,value:5000),time:(from:now-2y,to:now))" height="600" width="800"></iframe>




This is something that is frequently posted on the forums here:

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