[Share] On mapper [geoip. location] of different type, current_type [geo_point], merged_type [ObjectMapper]the problem of processing

Today, I use the geop module of logstash_7.3 to write geographic information to elasticsearch, but I have been unable to write data.
The logstash output:
mapper [geoip.location] of different type, current_type [Preformatted textgeo_point], merged_type [ObjectMapper]
Rejecting mapping update to [text_xx] as the final mapping would have more than 1 type: [_doc, nginx-log]

Then investigate and find out that logstash's output -> elasticsearch module is configured with document_type => 'nginx-log' caused.
Because my current elasticsearch cluster is 7.3, so comment out this configuration, then restart logstash, the data is normal.

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