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Hi guys,

I am wondering if there is a place where I can find some result of Rally benchmarks, against common machines such as EC2 VMs, etc...


I have started:

Thanks you,

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Hi @ebuildy,

thank you for this great initiative! This will help us as a community to cover a much broader range of hardware with benchmarks.

Based on your example repo I have created

A lot of this is in-flux and if you have suggestions or recommendations for changes I appreciate your feedback (or anybody elses) very much. One thing I've changed is to add structured meta-data and changed the output format to CSV which is easier parseable by machines. In the coming weeks I'll try to setup a script that publishes the results from the Github repo to Kibana so everybody can explore the data.

I know that it's a bit cumbersome to gather all the meta-data manually but I am confident that I can add a little feature to Rally so it can prepopulate the meta-data file for you. Nevertheless, I think it is crucial we have these meta-data so we can more easily pinpoint performance problems.


Ho very great news!

Another idea, for intern benchmark (and even cucumber test results), we use .. elasticsearch with kibana to store & visualize data, could be a nice public ELK demo to put rally result in it, isnit?

Hi @ebuildy,

I added already a simple facts gathering API to Rally which will be included in the next release 0.5.0 which is due this week (depends a bit on how quick I can get the docs done for the new results repo that I want to highlight in the release announcement).

Thanks for the suggestion on data visualization. I plan to do something like that, yes. :slight_smile:


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