Share Synonym Path for multiple nodes


I have 3 nodes for my index. I am using synonym filter with synonym .txt for few fields in my index.

Is it possible to use one file for all 3 nodes? Something like keeping it in network path and using that in Synonym_path?
What is the best way to keep one file instead of updating multiple files when there is a change in synonyms.

"synonym": { "type": "synonym", "synonyms_path": "//network/synonms/synonym.txt" }

{ "error" : { "root_cause" : [ { "type" : "security_exception", "reason" : "access denied (\"\" \"/Network/synonms/synonym.txt\" \"read\")" } ], "type" : "security_exception", "reason" : "access denied (\"\" \"/Network/synonms/synonym.txt\" \"read\")" }, "status" : 500 }

Thank you

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