Sharing Kibana Visualization Search as Iframe and running into Issues on Google Chrome

Hi All,

Just to note, the IFrame is rendering completely fine on Firefox. I am only encountering this on Google Chrome.

Basically, I am trying to embed a Kibana IFrame on a React website.

However, I am getting message on the IFrame that it refused to connect.

Looking into the console, I am seeing under the following messages:

Refused to Display "IFrame Link..." in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'deny'
Indicate whether a Cookie is intended to be set in a cross-site context by specifying its SameSite Attribute

I am seeing 2 problems here. Essentially, the X-Frame-Options is one and I am unclear how to resolve that.

The SameSite is because Kibana Iframe is being recognized as Lax instead of None and I am unsure how to properly set those. Especially since I am just sharing the Kibana IFrame link and not installing Kibana on my local, so I don't have a Kibana.yml to edit

Any ideas on how to resolve this? Do I need to install Kibana just to edit those properties, so I can share my Kibana Visualizations?

Happy to hear anyone's ideas or help.

@hidanny it sounds like you are building visualizations on a deployment of Kibana that you don't manage yourself. Is that right?

The X-Frame-Options headers are set by the server to allow or deny embedding requests by the browser. I'm thinking that whatever Kibana instance you are using may have disabled iframe embedding (docs).

If that is true, the setting would need to be changed to embed Kibana visualizations in your website.

Let me know if this isn't the case!

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