Sharing the elastic search result and capability to someone who does not have the tool

Wouldn't it be great if elastic search result can be shared with someone who does not have elastic tool? May be a secured temp web page can be created with the search result and all the feature of elastic tool. The temp web page can be accessed using an access key and with a defined life time. A general use case would be, when organization production support team needs some one from other team(who does not have access to prod logs) to look into logs while doing troubleshooting or sending the huge logs to product support team outside organization when raising a support ticket.

Sounds like something you can already do with kibana and shield or ngninx?

Thanks for the reply. Just to make sure I am getting it right, as far as I know, Shield can provide extra security feature to the access of ELK stack, and it depends how the organization has defined these ELK product/page access. As these are internal system and tools, most of the organization keeps it inside intranet. For an internal user, it may be possible to access the elastic search saved page, but for that Shield needs to be configured to provide access to everyone under intranet. Now for an user outside organization, if elastic search is not exposed over internet, it wont allow access even with Shield(or Shield configuration will need update every time to provide access to particular user from outside world). One way is the organization can build a web client which can provide a web access to outside world. I would trying to say if the product it self has a feature to save a search and give an option to publish this on internet with temp access. If this make sense, I can provide more details. If this is something which is already possible, please guide me to some reference material.