Shield Access Denied


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Hi Team,

I have created a new user as espoweruser by the following command,

bin/shield/esusers useradd espoweruser -r power_user and it prompted for enter new password.After the successful password creation I have verified the users, user_roles file inside the shield. Where I can find the successful user name and encrypted password shown. I mention espoweruser as monitor for all indices in roles.yml

When I trying to login into putty.exe I entered the username as "espoweruser" & given the password. But I am getting as "Access Denied" error.

Will write user don't have access to login into command line tool(putty)?
should I do any changes after the esuseradd to the shield?

Please help me to solve this issue it would be very userful.

Ganeshbabu R

(Steve Kearns) #2

Hi Ganeshbabu,

esusers does not create a unix user. If you use curl to communicate to ES, you should be able to see Shield protecting the cluster by following our getting started guide, which has example curl commands.


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Thanks for your response @skearns

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