Shingles comes with placeholders from stop words, how do I change this behaviour?

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So I am using shingles, with elastic version 5.2.2.

I am using an index with an english language analyser modified with shingles ( word n-grams ). With shingles, there is a filler_token which replaces parts with no token (e.g: stop word was removed).

The issue I have, is I get back n-grams of the form "q1 _ q2", where _ is some replace stop word. I do not want this behaviour, as I don't find it benefits my search results.

I want it so either placeholders don't get used in shingles, they just get ignored. Or, they are skipped (e.g:' fish _ chips', the 2-single 'fish chips' gets picked up .

(Some dude made a post @ , he achieves what I want with But this is deprecated, for good reason)

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