Shipping collectd data to logstash

We'd like to use collectd to ship the data from a node to logstash running in another node. But due to the license (GPL) issue we cannot use the 'network' plugin. Any other plugins we could try or what would you suggest instead of that? (beside of beats) Any experience or ideas? Couldn't find anything like collectd logstash plugin.


That sounds like much more of a collectd issue than a Logstash issue.

You cannot use GPL software? Really? The network plugin is pretty central to everything that collectd does. You may need to use something completely different for metric gathering if this is an issue. Yes, Metricbeat could do this, but you said "beside beats." I'm not sure what else to tell you.

Really. Our lawyers don't like it.

BTW on the collectd wiki site I could see the placeholder for logstash plugin but it looks like there is no actions, maybe no plans for it.

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