Hardware monitoring with ELK


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I know that there is collectd that can be used for gathering hardware performance metrics but i was wondering, if there is something else that can be used instead of collectd.


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metricbeat or telegraf could be your choice.


Thanks for the reply... i believe telegraf needs influxDB as well to work. Can i please know how metric beat can be used to monitor hardware ?

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It depends what you mean by "hardware"...

If Linux or Windows servers, Metricbeat will work for most things like CPU, Memory, Storage and Network, as well as other OS related things like processes and some applications.

If things like network routers and switches, you will need something like Telegraf or Collectd. Telegraf does not require InfluxDB. It has numerous output types, including an Elasticsearch output.

Our solution actually sends all of the data from the various beats, Telegraf and other sources to Logstash, where it is normalized to a common data model, and enhanced with additional "calculated metrics". Then it is indexed in Elasticsearch.

Whether Beats, Collectd or Telegraf, I personally think they are all just "OK". There is still a lot of work to get them competitive with the best options available.

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