Metricbeat vs Telegraf

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I have a requirement to collect system and application metrics from servers. But before that any one please let me know Metricbeat vs Telegraf to understand better.

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Metricbeat is designed for Elasticsearch, while Telegraf is mainly used with Influxdb. The decision between the two is more of a decision between the Elastic stack and the TICK stack.

If you have the requirment, or might have in the future, to also collect logs and tracing data besides metrics, then the Elastic stack and Metricbeat are IMO a better choice, because the TICK stack is focused only on metrics.

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Thank you for the quick response. If I need to create custom metrics (eg., need to collect the metrics of applications running in the server) , may I know which agent will be good?

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Depending on what the application is and what you want to measure there will be a number of choices.

One approach that will always work regardless of the above is to get the application to write out the metrics to a log file, and then use Filebeat on the application server to pick up the log files then Logstash and Elasticsearch on their own kit to process and store the data.

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Thank you Tim.

I want to monitor the application's data base(PostgreSQL). For example, for number of users logged in from PostgreSQL table

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Also expecting differences in terms of Performance/Reliability , Community Support, Ease of use etc.,


I looked at the input plugins supported by Telegraf, and it seems like its a much more comprehensive list than metricbeat. For eg, it includes support for MSSQL, and SNMP polling. Given that Telegraf can output in JSON and has a flexible output plugin architecture, any reason why metricbeat might still be a better option?

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