Shipping logs from Logstash to multiple Elasticsearch node in the cluster

I create a cluster with 3 Elasticsearch nodes, and intend to ship logs from the Logstash to all Elasticsearch nodes simultaneously (Eg: I have cluster with node A - master node, node B and C - data node, and every time I have a new log from Logstash, I want this log is sent to B and C simultaneously). And I stuck in some questions:

  1. How could I do this?
  2. Should I do that? And if I do this, are there any issues with the performance's cluster?

Thanks for reading.

You index into a cluster, not a specific node, so data can be sent to any node and it will be stored in the cluster as a whole, often distributed across the nodes. You should therefore only send the data once to the cluster and the request can go to any node.