Shipping Postfix Logs to Elasticsearch V7.3

Hello Everyone, we have been trying to find a solution to ship and parse postfix logs with Elastic stack 7.3, and have attempted several solutions in the last few days and have ran out of options.

Solutions attempted:

And have at one point tried to combine these 4 possible solutions into something that works.
The current setup is Beats > Logstash > Elasticsearch.
I can see the logs are being shipped with Filebeat and the harvester as well as the inputs are being started, Additionally Logstash runs fine, and we can see indices being updated, However when triying to open the dashboards from the solution, or simply try to find the logs by queriying the filebeat index with postfix* we cannot see anything. Now my question is is there a viable soltuion for version 7.3 as all of these attempted are for a more earlier version of the Stack.

Thanks in advance

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