Should clause gives different weight to each term


Iv been having a hard time figuring out why different terms on my should clause has different "weight" without me stating it explicitly, and how can i avoid it.

I have this should clause in my query:

[{:term=>{:styles=>{:value=>"Raw", :boost=>2}}},
{:term=>{:styles=>{:value=>"Intimate", :boost=>2}}},
{:term=>{:styles=>{:value=>"Minimalist", :boost=>2}}},
{:term=>{:features=>{:value=>"Graffiti", :boost=>2}}}]}},

my expectation from this is that if a document matches all 4 terms, it will score the highest,
Than if it matches 3 terms , it will score higher the documents that match 2 terms, and so on.

What really happens is:

  1. document that match all 4 terms get the highest score. - GOOD
  2. the "features" term is "stronger" than the "styles" term, because i get these scores for the following documents:

["Exposed Brick", "High Ceiling", "Skylight", "Large Windows", "Library", "Dining Table", "Modern Bathroom", "Bathtub", "Concrete", "Wood Floors", "Art",
"Garden", "Plants", "Graffiti", "Sound-proof", "Deck/Patio", "Roof", "Bar",
"View", "Screening Room", "Open Kitchen", "Private Entrance"],
:styles=>["Industrial", "Intimate"],


["Columns", "Deck/Patio", "Cyc", "Dining Table", "High Ceiling", "Open Kitchen", "Plants", "Private Entrance", "Roof", "White Space", "Breakout rooms", "Empty", "Large Windows", "Screening Room", "Sound-proof", "View", "Concrete"],
["Classic", "Intimate", "Luxurious", "Minimalist", "Modern", "Raw", "Whimsical",

notice how the last document matches 3 terms, but has lower score than the first document that matched 2 terms.

So my questions are:

  1. Can you please explain how can I achieve the following - the more terms met - the higher the score, with each term being equal in weight to the other ( that is : between different fields and in the same field context aswell. - all must have the same weight)

  2. another wierd case is - lets compare two documents :
    doc1: styles: ["Raw", "Intimate"], score: 3.51232
    doc2: styles: ["Raw", "Minimlist"], score: 3.21045

Why those 2 docs get different scores even though they meet the same amount of should-term caulses, and what can i do to make them return the same score?

PS. the boost of 2 that i added was just for testing, the same scenario happens with or without custom boosting

Appreciate your help,


So, i was able to figure it out myself. The reason for the different scoring is

and the solution was changing the mapping of the fields that will affect the score, and sending the similarity: "boolean" paramater with them. that will cause each term that is met to give a score of 1 to the document, which means all scoring terms will have same weight on the score.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

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