Should Coordination Nodes be Allocated Shards?


I currently have an Elasticsearch cluster setup on a docker swarm. To be able to access the cluster outside of the swarm, I setup a coordination node that maps the ports to the host machine. The issue I am seeing is that the coordination node is having shards allocated to it, even though it has all of the node options in the config set to false. Is this an intended behavior, from my understanding only data nodes should have shards allocated to them. Thanks in advanced for the help!

They shouldn't, but if they are that would indicate that the config is not 100% accurate.
Can you show it to us?

Thanks for the reply warkolm, but I just realized I didn't update the directory config in my docker compose file, so it was pointing to the config of my docker data nodes. I always seem to find my stupid mistakes right after I make a post like this. Thank you again for the help!

No problems, it happens to us all :slight_smile:

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