Should I raid0 fusion io cards?

I have 2 fusion io cards for a single server. Mainly for capacity... Running Windows 2008...

Yes I know fusion cards are quite reliable... The question here is for convenience/elasticsearch configuration...

Should I raid 0 the two cards using Windows raid Or use built in Elasticsearch multiple data paths?

I would assume that Windows software raid to have overhead or ES solution to split multiple paths also have overhead?

You must have money to burn!

The easiest way would be to use multiple values in ES, but you do run the risk of losing all your data if just one of those paths dies for any reason.

Lol not exactly but I was dealt two cards instead of 1 "bigger" one. So I was Wondering if Windows Raid 0 would be too slow for these cards on PCIe bus.

It's fusion, they're going to be fast no matter what.
If you are worried, test :slight_smile:

Lol when you got 5TB of data to copy from one drive to the other want to make sure it's right lol Otherwise 3 hours of waiting for data to copy over. But yeah I get your point!