Should I store ES GC logs in my stack? And is there a way to condense them?

While poking around looking for ways to save space, I noticed that Elasticsearch .gc logs were 80% of my Filebeat logs.

I turned them off yesterday afternoon. This morning I did a comparison of how many hits I got yesterday, vs. today.

1/11 00:00-09:00 3,019,557 hits
1/12 00:00-09:00   462,853 hits

That's just a bit of a difference....

So, how important is it to keep GC logs in my stack? Can I just rely on the log files, then import them if I ever really need the information?

Also, I noticed that many log entries had an identifier like: GC(620850). Couldn't that be used to concatenate some of the logs together and use up a bit less space? I was using the Filebeat Elasticsearch module, so I'm kinda surprised that isn't how it is done...

Thanks in advance!

You could just ignore them, yes. It will log some of that in the normal Elasticsearch logs as INFO, or WARN if it becomes too big.

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