Should inside must for multiple or conditions, not working as expected

Let me explain my problem through the different cases I have.

With this query, with no filters applied, I receive results for both programs (each one belonging to each different index): confess-chrome && http-down-burst-test

If I apply a "should inside must" boolean query, where I apply same restriction to each program, I also receive results for both programs, but as expected, the average now has a value of 1:

But, in the same last query, if I apply the restriction for only one of the programs (confess-chrome), then I don't receive results for the other program (http-down-burst-test):

If my separated restrictions by program are inside a should query, why I only receive results for one program and not the other?

How should I build my query in order to receive results for confess-chrome (restricted to docs where globales.success = 1) and for http-down-burst-tests without any restrictions applied?

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