Show line chart interval in label

We have a line chart visualization to view occurrence over time. The time searched for can vary from hours to 10 years + so we are using the auto interval. Is it possible to pass the current setting of the auto interval to the label, or somewhere so the end-user can easily see it and understand what the graph is showing?

Using 6.8.4 if that matters.

Hi @buncieboy,

I just created a fresh visualisation in that same version and I can see the auto interval being reported (mind the timestamp per 3 hours label).

Is it possible that you are using a custom label so the default text is overwritten?

Spot on! Don't know why I didn't try that first! Is it possible to change the fieldName part without actually changing the field name? Just as the fieldName isn't as descriptive/user friendly?

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Testing on 7.9, the visualisations created in Lens already take into account this issue. But I'm afraid there's no way to do so in 6.8. You can try replicating the same visualisations in Visual Builder. It just doesn't print the field name at all, only the interval :sweat_smile:

No worries, thanks for the help!

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