Show multiple values in same table cell / any other field

Hello everyone,

I have to show Total RAM Capacity and Total Ram Capacity WS(Without Spare), and I have this for all other resources (Storage, CPU, etc.). Considering this, I would avoid making a very large table, but rather display both values in the same cell like:

Total RAM ( /WS)
768 (512)
1024 (768)


It is possible to show two different values(calculation result) in the same cell, separated by a comma ( or any other string)?

Thank you

Hi @McCasian ,

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I do not think you could merge multiple values within the same cell in a clean way.
Perhaps the best approach here would be to use multiple columns and customize the second column title with something shorter.

In the Kibana datatables (either Lens or aggregation based) column width are adjustable, so reducing it can be useful to make best use of space.
In Lens cell text alignment is adjustable, playing with that may produce something similar to your requested layout.

would that work?


Thank you for your answer. For the moment we decided to go with only one set of values so that we have a clean view on the data. Hopefully in future releases, Kibana will be able to do it.

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