Show only time with out date

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How can I show only the time and not the date?


Basically to show only what is in a circle and not the Oct. part.


(Tim Roes) #2

Hi Tomer,

you can configure a field formatter in the index settings, that will only show the time and not the date.

  1. Head to "Management > Kibana > Index Patterns"
  2. Select the appropriate index pattern
  3. Search the MedGotMsgFromApi field, and hit the Pencil button behind it.
  4. Switch the Format select to Date..
  5. Enter an appropriate time expression (e.g. HH:mm:ss) in the format box below.

If you need the field in some places with date and in others without date, you can create a "Scripted Field" in the same index pattern, that has doc['MedGotMsgFromApi'].value as a script, and apply that field formatter to the scripted field instead. That way you have access to both, the field with full date and the field shortened.


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