Show suggestion from different indexes of elasticsearch?

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Suppose I have two indexes in elasticsearch. First names contains five documents with values Ram, Shyam, Hari, Dipu, Kishan and second profession contains five documents with values like teacher, driver, doctor, bank manager, salesman. When someone types Ra, I want to show suggestions like

Ram is teacher
Ram is driver
Ram is doctor
Ram is bank manager
Ram is salesman

Similarly when someone types Har, I want to show

Hari is teacher
Hari is driver
Hari is doctor
Hari is bank manager
Hari is salesman

I don't want to store every possible combination. Also suppose user is looking for Ram is a doctor at Raman Hospital since 2002. Here Ram, doctor, Raman Hospital, 2002 belongs to different-different indexes. When user types Ram I want to show suggestions as Ram is a teacher at Basic Boys School Since 2002, Ram is salesman at HUL since 2006. And if there is one more guy with name Raman then Raman is driver at Ola since 2012 should also be shown as suggestion. For such searches is there any good approach available or I have to work on that?
I'm using elasticseach.js API.

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