Showing icons for legends in place of text

Hello all,
I'm a newbie to ELK stack, so apologies if this has already been answered. Would really appreciate if you can point me to right place.

We have a requirement where we would like to show a horizontal bar with the legends on the axis instead of how it currently shows as a collection on the side, also have to show the icons for each legends instead of displaying plain text.

So, for example, we have ES index data in the following format -

    "socialFacebook":   100,
    "socialGoogleplus": 50,
    "socialLinkedin":      10,
    "socialPinterest":     20,
    "socialTwitter":        500 

and we would like to represent the sum aggregation of each social media data to appear something like below image. Please note we want to show the respective icons for the social media on the X-axis in place of legend.

FYI, We have tried with Canvas and were able to show the social media icons. But as Canvas stands as an independent visualisation, we couldn't find a way to include canvas in the existing dashboard with other visualisations. Any ideas or help in achieving this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @VipinAgarwal. This is really neat idea! However, I think Canvas is the only way to do this right now.

There is a feature request for adding Canvas elements and workpads to a dashboard, but it does not appear to be on our immediate timeline. Feel free to express your need in that ticket so we can discuss how to prioritize this going forward.

Thanks @nickpeihl for your response, appreciate it.

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