Showing in "total" only one per transactionId

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I am trying to ask how many transactions have a delay greater than 3. The problem is that in one transaction there are more than one log with a the same delay value. Therefore for an example if there is only one transaction and it has a delay of 4 it might have 2 logs of that contains delay = 3. How can I get that the query will give in the value of total 1 and not 2.

Here is my query:

    "size": 100,
   "query": {

      "must": [
        { "range": 
                "gte": 3
  "aggs": {
        "group": {
            "terms": {
                "field": "transactionId"

the field that unites all logs of a transactionId is called "transactionId"

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Have you tried using a cardinality aggregation on the transactionId?

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Thanks for the fast reply!

Yes, here is an example:

This should've returned me only one, no?

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No, documents returned will depend on what matches the query. The result from the cardinality aggregation should show 1.

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Yes I looked in the wrong place thanks

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