Showing Invalid Fields! under Manage Section


On AppSearch Dashboard, I am getting an exclamation sign in front of Schema which says "Invalid Fields!" whereas it is not highlighting any of the schema as invalid. Can someone please advise ?

Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 7.19.30 PM

Hey @anuragchoudhary01! If possible, would you be able to share a little more of the screen where you see this error? Some other questions:

  • What version of Enterprise Search are you running?
  • Are you able to see any errors in the log when you index documents or view this page?

Hi @ross.bell,

It is just showing the "!" mark in front of Schema Tab, no more info I see related to that.

I am running 7.10.2 version of Enterprise Search.
No as such error in the log

Are you able to upgrade to 7.14.1? Some significant changes have been made to how schemas are managed in Enterprise Search.

Sure, will update it and update you if I see the same issue.

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