Showing percentage on the Y axis instead of count


I want percentage contribution of female gender for the following in the Y axis instead of the count. For e.g., my current week shows 54 count and previous week shows 67 counts for female gender for Angeldale manufacturer (see the first attached screenshot). As the total count for the same manufacturer is 113 and 115 respectively for current and previous week (see the second attached screenshot), I want the Y axis to show the percentages i.e, 54/113=47.8% and 67/115=58.2% respectively for current and previous week.
Please let me know if there is any work around for this.

Hi @Seemant_Bind

this can easily be done with Lens formula: overall_sum(count(kql="..."))/overall_sum(count()) and overall_sum(count(kql="..."), shift="1w")/overall_sum(count(), shift="1w")

Hi @Marco_Liberati

Thanks for your quick response.
Currently I am using ELK version 7.11.1, this formula thing is not available in the lens in this version. Is there any other work around?

Are you able to upgrade?

The only Alternative I see it's TSVB Top N with a Math aggregation.

I have tried it but was unable to figure it out. If you could provide some more details or give some example then it would be really helpful!!

You can use an Overall Sum over a Filter Ratio in TSVB.
In the numerator use the kql clause, while put * in the denominator.

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