Sidekiq workers that sync data to salesforce failing after setting up ruby agent on my app


After I adding ruby agent on my app, my sidekiq workers that sync data to salesforce are throwing the following exception:

bad argument (expected URI object or URI string)

I know the error message is not very helpful. However, I can see my app's metrics in grafana.

When I remove the agent, I don't see above exception.

  Version of elastic-apm: 3.8.0
  Ruby version: 2.3.6
  sidekiq (5.2.5)
  sidekiq-ent (1.8.0)
  sidekiq-pro (4.0.5)
  restforce (3.2.0) - used by sidekiq workers to make rest calls to salesforce

I know we are using very old version of ruby. Are these versions of elastic apm and ruby compatible?

Any suggestion or feedback would be really appreciated.

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