SIEM timeline cant be saved

I'm using ELK v7.8

How to save SIEM timelines?

The autosave feature mentioned in the blogs/doc can not be seen for me. DO I need to enable something?

I'm super user with all the access

No, you don't have to do anything special for it to work. I would update your version though as 7.8 was a very long time ago. I don't know how mature auto-save was during 7.8

Thanks for replying frank.

I'm using the same version on my test cluster and I was able to use it there with auto save, I don't think it's a version specific issue.

And there's no button to save it otherwise, with out autosave, right?

The only difference i can think of: I've enabled https ssl in in my test cluster, does that affect SIEM performance?

https ssl is pretty much required. In later versions we put up warning banners when it cannot save because of permissions. I would enable https ssl for all production versions.

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