# sign getting ignored

i have a field which has the value that contains string with # and then a number i.e searc#1 , searc#2 and so on. But when i display this in kibana i am getting only the number i.e 1 , 2 and so on. the hash and the names are getting ignored, is there a work around for this

Your field is probably mapped as an analyzed string. You'll want to either change it to not_analyzed, or create a multi-field so that you get both an analyzed and not_analyzed copy.

If you're using logstash for ingestion, your string fields should already be set up as multifields, in which case you should try aggregating on the field called [fieldName].raw with fieldName being the base name of your field.

how to change analyzed to not_analyzed :blush:

Unfortunately you can't generally just update the mapping for a field. You'll have to create a new index with the proper mappings for that field:


After that you'll need to re-index your data into this new index.