to Kibana only with Google Account


I followed these guides to sign-in to Kibana with a Google Account using Nginx and OAuth2_proxy:

And it works great!
But I have a question:
By theses methods I need a common password for Kibana users that I have to put in my Nginx config.
Is there a way to not use this password in Nginx config? I mean a way where Kibana users don't have a password and they can only sign-in with their Google account. So I don't need to add this common password in my Nginx config for more security.

Thank you!

@Brandon_Kobel can you help?

If you have a platinum license, our SAML integration works with Google, and we'll have news on OpenID Connection (OAuth2) in the near future.

SAML is also available on our Cloud Service if you'd prefer not to purchase your own license up front.

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