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What are the core architectural differences between these technologies?

Also, what use cases are generally more appropriate for each?

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Historically there used to be feature differences between the two, but a lot of that has been aligned. You can see some differences here, but it's not 100% accurate.

There are still differences in deployment models. Solr has a number of models and my understanding is you cannot easily change once you have made a choice. Elasticsearch assumes you will want to cluster and provides that ability, even from a single node deployment.

My overall understanding of various readings and talking to people is that Elasticsearch tends to abstract a lot of settings and functionality to increase ease of use, while Solr provides access to every possible thing but you need to configure it.

(Note - I haven't directly used Solr, only Elasticsearch, just read lots and talked to people more knowledgeable than me. I am happy to be corrected if there's anything inaccurate above and don't mean to be intentionally misleading!)

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