Significant text on nested objects

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I note here

that significant text doesn't work on nested objects. I have nested objects on es 6.0.0 and my significant text aggregation 'works' in that I get back words that make sense, but the bg_count figures are well in excess of my total document count. I've not deleted any documents, so I'm assuming that this bg_count is actually the count of the nested docs and so the scores and stats are incorrect (because nested objects aren't supported).

Can someone confirm whether my hypothesis holds weight ?


(Mark Harwood) #2

The bg_count lookup needs to be fast to eliminate many candidates. We use the cheapest way of doing this which is to use the pre-calculated counts held in the Lucene index for ranking purposes. These counts can include nested docs and deleted docs.
However, you can apply a custom background_filter which will take longer to compute but be more accurate.

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Many thanks Mark

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