Similarties profiles retrieval from elasticsearch?

Hi all,

Let's say we have 1 million documents indexed in elasticsearch with name,id,skills,etc like a form a resume.

If I search for kartheek in the search box it will retrieve some results right and I found kartheek resume and I have clicked and view the resume.

Once I will view the resume I need to view the similar profiles based on the viewed resume.

Is it possible in elasticsearch

1.I learned about More Like This Query but we need to give input paramter i.e 'LIKE'.
2.I have seen this link

Please any can give me ideas regarding the above mentioned request.


Kartheek Gummaluri


the more like this query allows you to specify the document you want to use for this query, in your case the just viewed CV.

Is there a problem with that approach or am I misreading the requirement?