Simple Address Matching Application

Does anyone know anyone that can help us create an address matching indexing solution i.e. matching partial addresses to full official addresses.

We have searched the globe but very few do this in .NET using the NEST API.

Greatly appreciate any assistance.

Do you mean postal addresses?

If so, I wrote a series of 3 blog posts related to postal addresses:

Specifically this one could help.

Can you start fresh with our project so that we can integrate it into an MVC application using the NEST API.

It is to do with matching partial Irish Postal addresses to full official addresses.


I don't think I can.

Know any freelance consultants who could help us?

Why my previous answer did not help you?
Is there anything unclear that you can't convert to .net world?

To be honest, we don't understand it.
We need to have someone so that we can explain the Irish address nuances and the application flow we require from scratch so that we can understand every step and be able to maintain it.


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