Simple query string fails to find one word

Hi there. We were building a search list for our job postings and ran into a weird problem.
We've got a document with field "name" containing one word "Frezer". Type text and analyzed with custom analyzer.
The thing is that for simple query string query

"query": {
    "simple_query_string" : {
        "query": "fre*",
        "fields": ["name"],
        "default_operator": "and"

we get correct result but when we change query to "freze*" it disappears, same for "frez*".
"Frezer" works well.
Our analyzer uses icu_tokenizer and ascii-folding with preserve original.
Uppercase and lowercase letters don't do the trick.
Any ideas why it fails, and why exacly with those two letters?

@Edit1 : Exact same thing happens with match_phrase_prefix query.

Any chance you can post a complete reproduction with mapping and a sample document?

Hi, to whom it may concern the problem was with polish_stem filter. It went "freir" while analyzing "frezer". We decided to add keyword_repeat and unique_stem and it now works better.

Still we are having some problems with words like "Dekarz" which can be misspelled with "Dekaż". Any suggestions how we can deal with such situation?

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