Single vs mutiple indices: Elasticsearch

Hi Team

I've indexed few pdf files. I followed {{ test_file name }} index convention. which allowed me to create few indices depending on the title of the pdf files.

But I'm confused whether to create multiple indices or just one Index.

I tried creating single index too.

Primary Concern: Search relevancy, Secondary Concern: search speed

Here is My Observation:

As I've indexed less data as part of POC now, search speed is good.(anyway taking less time when I use single Index)

Search Relevancy: Search results are varying. When I search the same query against single and multiple indices different results are being displayed. sometimes Single Index results are accurate and sometimes they are not.

How to decide on this-- whether to use single index or multiple indices ? Please suggest

Note: This is not log data and the data is stored permanently. Also,new data will be added to this weekly/monthly.


One index should be ok IMO.
Not sure what your problem is though. May be share an example?

Hi @dadoonet

to keep it more clear: As the data will be more when we move to production(say more than 100GB) is it good to go with one index? or it's better to split into multiple indices?

In addition any differences in Search Relevancy when using single index and multiple Indices?

May I suggest you look at the following resources about sizing:


Helpful !!

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