Size limit Scripted field? Request Entity Too Large

Hi, I am using Kibana 7.6.0.

I am getting a 413 error (Request Entity Too Large) when I am trying to save my scripted filed.

Is there any size limit of Scripred field? I am trying to save 340 chars to this script. If I save my script separately it is working... so there is no problem with a script. Just with it's size. Any suggestions?

The problem here is that Kibana will send the whole index pattern with all field definitions to the server if you change something, not just the changed part. If your index pattern contains a lot of fields, this can easily happen - seems like the new script is tipping it over the ege.

Try increasing the server.maxPayloadBytes setting in your kibana.yml file.

Thank you. This helped :slight_smile:

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