Sliced Scroll Search question, what's the minimum max slice?


My current index shards setting is 5, and I am using sliced scroll search to increase parallelism. But I found out if max slice number is less than the number of shards, the result is incomplete. Since I have another search after query, unless the max slice number >= the number of shards, the search after query has more results than the sliced scroll search.

So my questions is: the max slice number >= the shards number?

My sliced query looks like:
"_source": [ ""],
"sort" : ["_doc"],
"size": 10000,
"slice": {"field": "processedTimestamp","id": 0,"max": 3},
"query": {
"bool": {
"filter": [
{"term" : {"user.locationId" : 1} },
{"range" : {"processedTimestamp" : {"gt" : 1503000000000, "lte" : 1503086400000} }}

just found out there is one index without different mapping, as long as getting rid of it from the search list, the returns are consistent.

unfortunately, there is still an issue:

  1. if the size is <= 10K, the result is consistent (different page sizes, search after or search after)
  2. if the size is > 10K, the result is different from the result with size setting <= 10K (total return is about 30K).

the max_result_window is set as 50K now.

Any ideas?

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