Slow Indexing rate on windows

Hi All,

I am using ES 1.7 version. I am doing some testing on my local machine but getting very slow indexing rate around 80 per/sec.

I have a window 7, core i5 with 8 GB ram. There are around 1 million documents, each bulk request is 5 thousand documents and size is around 12 MB of each bulk request. To improve performance I increased the refresh interval to 30 s and there are no replicas.

Here are the stats -

"mem": {
               "free_in_bytes": 1035624448,
               "used_in_bytes": 7437279232,
               "free_percent": 15,
               "used_percent": 84,
               "actual_free_in_bytes": 1283317760,
               "actual_used_in_bytes": 7189585920
            "swap": {
               "used_in_bytes": 10495688704,
               "free_in_bytes": 6448218112

    "jvm": {
        "timestamp": 1447862412491,
        "uptime_in_millis": 730028,
        "mem": {
           "heap_used_in_bytes": 105104384,
           "heap_used_percent": 10,

Is it slow because of swap space or can there be other reasons for being so slow on windows

What sort of disk do you have?
What sort of data is it?

The disk is of type HDD and each document is few kbs in size having text data and around 15 -25 fields.