Slow Indexing rate on windows

(Tarunsapra) #1

Hi All,

I am using ES 1.7 version. I am doing some testing on my local machine but getting very slow indexing rate around 80 per/sec.

I have a window 7, core i5 with 8 GB ram. There are around 1 million documents, each bulk request is 5 thousand documents and size is around 12 MB of each bulk request. To improve performance I increased the refresh interval to 30 s and there are no replicas.

Here are the stats -

"mem": {
               "free_in_bytes": 1035624448,
               "used_in_bytes": 7437279232,
               "free_percent": 15,
               "used_percent": 84,
               "actual_free_in_bytes": 1283317760,
               "actual_used_in_bytes": 7189585920
            "swap": {
               "used_in_bytes": 10495688704,
               "free_in_bytes": 6448218112

    "jvm": {
        "timestamp": 1447862412491,
        "uptime_in_millis": 730028,
        "mem": {
           "heap_used_in_bytes": 105104384,
           "heap_used_percent": 10,

Is it slow because of swap space or can there be other reasons for being so slow on windows

(Mark Walkom) #2

What sort of disk do you have?
What sort of data is it?

(Tarunsapra) #3

The disk is of type HDD and each document is few kbs in size having text data and around 15 -25 fields.

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