Slow performance when switching from elasticsearch c 1.4 -> 2.0


I have a cluster of three machines, until yesterday worked on ES 1.4 and the last upgrade to 2.0 and now in shock ...

I do not know what to do.

What was once performed for 5 minutes now occupies 30-40 minutes ...

Where "dig"?

The last execution:
69,33s user c7,00s system 2% cpu 46: 44,24 total
That maxim that yesterday performed for 5 minutes.

Query will not change.

The sample is simple and update fields.

Thank you.

Sorry for my English.

Can you provide us with some simple queries that now perform worse than in 1.4?

This is a normal update by _id .

Oh, I thought this was a search workload, but this is actually about updating. Can you capture hot threads while your test is running?

Are you using the bulk indexing API? How many documents in each bulk request?

wow! )

Thank you, bulk-API "returned the speed!"

2 min!!!

Thank you so much!
Prosperity to you.