Slow response time on some queries

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we are running 2 Nodes Cluster a 40gb with 19,975,978 Documents separated
in 84 Indexes and all indexes have 2 shard and one replica. We see in
ElasticHQ that our query time on each cluster is
Node1 6.5msNode2 16.33ms and our fetch time

Node1 1.69msNode 2 3.12ms
but our end response time in PHP is 150ms sometimes more sometimes less. We
use as client Elastica and i spend time to profile this and figure out that
the complete
response from PHP client to ES Server are the bottleneck. Why get we in
ElasticHQ a so good performance, put in the PHP client not? Our SErvers are
in an internal network
and all communication runs though this network.

Is the query now the problem or our network or is there a other issue what
you see?

thanks for hints

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