Snapshot and Restore

Hello Everyone, I have a few questions that get me confused while doing Snapshot and Restore. I keep on searching it on the internet but I don't get any sense from it, its not helping me. For those who experienced kindly help me enlighten on this :slight_smile: Thanks!

1.) What is more convenient, single index or full cluster when doing Snapshot/Restore?
2.) What is the advantage of Snapshot retention? I think this is not helping on the disk space as it is generates Snapshots copy, then one thing that makes me more confused is why it needs to delete after expired? what's the point/idea?
3.) While doing Restore, it only takes 1-2 seconds even though the memory of my index is 6.2gb
4.) Lastly, when doing Restore there is an Error keep asking me to close the index.

  1. Convenience is something you define here
  2. You usually don't need to have every snapshot from every point in time available and instead can have an hourly snapshot for a week, then one weekly a quarter, then one monthly for 6 months etc etc
  3. OK?
  4. You cannot restore an index that already exists

Thanks @warkolm , well appreaciated! :slight_smile:

From the Question number 4, does any way/method to be use when Restoring a Snapshot without closing, deleting or renaming the index? Coz' some indexes has a permission/restriction(meaning, we can't perform close, delete and rename for it).

Not possible, you can't restore an index that already exists and is open, you need to user another name for the restored index, if you want to use the same name you need to close the current index or delete the current index .

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