Snapshot Backup is not deleting Across the ELK Cluster

Hi Team,

I have three nodes ELK-Cluster, I have created an SLM policy to take a Snapshot backup on the daily basis and delete the snapshot backup after three days on the cluster
[Issue]: The snapshot backup is deleted from one node only but it is not deleting the snapshot backup from reaming two nodes.

Please find the below steps also.

create directory on each node.
/etc/Elasticsearch/ mkdir elkbackup

Give the permission of the directory on each node
chown Elasticsearch elkbackup

update the elasticserch.yml file on each node for the backup path
path.repo: ["/etc/Elasticsearch/elkbackup"]

Restart the each elasticserch service
systemctl restart elasticserch

create a snapshot on master or slave node.

      curl -u elastic:elastic123 -XPUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" 'http://localhost:9200' -d'

create snapshot life-cycle on master or salve node.

curl -u elastic:elastic123 -XPUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" 'http://localhost:9200/_slm/' -d'{
"schedule": "0 0 2 * * ?",
"name": "<elk-backup-{now/d}>",
"repository": "elkrepo",
"config": {"indices": ["*"]},
"retention": {"expire_after": "3d"}

Please help me here.


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