Snapshot backup via api not working as expacted

I am running backup via bash and it is working successfully but backing up lot of unwanted backup with it.

here is code

for indice in daily_check_index-2023

curl -XPUT -u ${elk_admin_user}:${elk_admin_password} "${URL}/_snapshot/${indice}/${today}?wait_for_completion=true" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d"
    \"indices\": \"${indice}\",
     \"ignore_unavailable\": true

this suppose to create only indices backup of "daily_check_index-2023" but it is also making backup of lot of hidden index with it? how do I avoid it?
is my syntax is wrong?

for example some of the backup


By default a create-snapshot request includes the cluster state, and therefore all feature state indices too. See these docs, particularly the paragraphs on the include_global_state and feature_states options.

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oh nice, I added include_global_state: false and all good.

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