Snapshot between 5.4.x versions


I have a 5.4.1 Elastic cluster that takes snapshots for backup. In case of a disaster (ie. our current cloud provider goes offline) we would need to quickly move to a different cloud provider. I'm looking into moving to AWS in case of such disasters temporarily until the main cloud infrastructure get's back online, in which case I will have to transfer back whatever new data was brought up into the temporary database. Using Elastic cloud I only have the option of picking version 5.4.3 of Elastic, and I know I can't restore a snapshot created with 5.4.1 into a 5.3 cluster (tested with the official AWS Elastic Service). Therefore, I ask:

What would be best way to restore the database from 5.4.3 into my primary 5.4.1 cluster? Should I use a remote re-index feature to merge my temporary databases documents to my permanent database as opposed to using a restore?

Thank you!

Do you mean index, not database?

How do you manage application writes to the cluster at the moment? Do you need to manually point your app to the fall back cluster?

That's only AWS official by the way, we have nothing to do with it :slight_smile:


Thanks for your quick reply.

Yes, we will need to manually re-wire the application to point to the new cluster as this process is just in case of a catastrophic failure -- let's say a meteor falls down on our data center or someone pulls a network cable out and leaves for the weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the AWS official service :blush:

You can go the other way though, so 5.3 into 5.4/5/6.


I am aware I can move from my previous version cluster to a newer release cluster. My question was, how do I go back from a new version to an older one? I wouldn't want to be forced to upgrade my cluster just to get the data back.


You can't.

Maybe look at leveraging Elastic Cloud on GCP, which we just announced?

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