Snapshot deletion using curator utility vs traditional way

Need Experts thoughts on below ..........

When we try to delete snapshot using traditional way its taking around 3 hours and we are having around 2k snapshots and it takes ages to house keep snapshots.

I came across curator utility to delete snapshots and would like to know if curator utility does snapshot deletion quicker when compared to traditional way- we don't have required test environments to compare and need some guidance.

Traditional way of deleting snapshots
curl --fail -XDELETE 'http://localhost:9200/_snapshot/repo1/snapshot2?pretty=true'

Curator way
curator delete snapshots --regex 'snapshot1' --repository repo1


curator is just a helper tool, it is also just calling the delete snapshot api, as you can see here

No magic involved :slight_smile:

Might make more sense to check out the I/O of your system and why it is so slow.


Many Thanks ALex for quick turnaround - i will park curator for now...