Snapshot exception and the reason

step1: i snapshot a indice use url "?wait_for_completion=true" and it sure it hava done .

step2: i delete the indice in Elasticsearch cluster, and done.

step3: use _restore to restore the indice. and occurs error "concurrent_snapshot_execution_exception". and i try to delete the restored indice , but {"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"concurrent_snapshot_execution_exception","reason":"[myrepo:os_t_2018.04.17/IjvpPeCRSZ6KyTwB6cQiNA] cannot delete snapshot during a restore"}],"type":"concurrent_snapshot_execution_exception","reason":"[myrepo:os_t_2018.04.17/IjvpPeCRSZ6KyTwB6cQiNA] cannot delete snapshot during a restore"},"status":503}

and i am confused and the cluster is red always.

thanks !

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