Snapshot fails if previously unknown index exists?

Trying to create a new snapshot (not first) from an existing ES 1.5.2 cluster, but snapshot mechanism failed on two indexes which were previously not existing with FileNotFoundException ... is this intentionally or an error? If this means it is intentionally, does this mean that snapshots cannot be created for newly added indexes in the same repository?

Can you provide the complete response you got?

Sure (just changed index name):

"node_id": "8uMlgYS0R1OSya9_H5xotg",
"index": "my_new_index",
"reason": "IndexShardSnapshotFailedException[[my_new_index][4] Failed to perform snapshot (index files)]; nested: FileNotFoundException[/snapshots/backup/indices/my_new_index/4/__0 (Permission denied)]; ",
"shard_id": 4,

  • /snapshot/backup exists and is writable from all nodes (Data & Master) (including my_new_index/4/ which makes the Permission denied a bit curious), same failure on all shards
  • /snapshots/backup/indices/my_new_index/4/ was created (with correct permissions), just file does not exist (or was not write able)
  • All already existing indexes were correctly handled

First new index since some time, last snapshot before was done with 1.5.1.