Snapshot Failures in elastic cloud 's elastic search

Our current elastic stack is not healthy by snapshot failures. We have about 800 primary shards and all of them fail with the same error during snapshot as below. Could some one help us understand the error in depth thanks.

NoSuchFileException[Blob object [snapshots/e753e383979f47c6a54b981d6f8c4071/indices/huFKIQjARE-btN9YkDgSRg/0/index-B-G8gRI5R2eDsyIe5xjy8Q] not found: 404 Not Found GET

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What version are you running?
Are these automated snapshots?

Im running 7.11.2 elastic. Yes they are scheduled

I would suggest reaching out to the Support team, as they can help with things like these automated snapshots.

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